Care Instructions

All our pieces are handcrafted for everyday wear. That means they are mostly tarnish-resistant if treated with care.

Ear studs are crafted with surgical grade stainless steel and sealed with waterproof resin.

Seismic Bracelets are plated with 14k Gold.

Everyday Necklaces and Rings are crafted with stainless steel. 
(Gold chains are coated with a strong PVD coating).

Here are some things you can consider doing to maximise the lifespan of your pieces:

Avoid direct sunlight and contact with liquids.
Some gemstones may discolour under sunlight and chemically react with water and/or alcohol. 
DO NOT use alcohol swabs to clean your pieces.
Consider removing your pieces before showering, exercising or spraying perfume.
Be sure to store them away from sunlight in the day when not wearing.

Avoid rough activity.
While every piece is carefully crafted to the best of our abilities by hand, all our gemstones come with natural grooves that may result in the varying structural integrity of individual pieces. Treat your pieces with utmost care, especially when putting them on or removing them.

Cleaning and cleansing your pieces
To clean, gently wipe your pieces with water and cotton pad.
The usual moon bath, sound bath or smudging are all acceptable methods of cleansing.